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Chiropractor Pinellas Park FL Andrés Juliá

Chiropractic care in Pinellas Park focuses on a proactive and whole-body approach to improving your health and wellness. In this way, chiropractors help your body realize its own natural healing abilities. Principled chiropractic care improves your body’s functioning and communication guiding you toward optimal health.

Principled Chiropractic Care in Pinellas Park

Principled chiropractic care addresses the underlying issues leading to your pain and discomfort, as opposed to merely providing a band-aid solution to your symptoms. From there, the body is better equipped to heal itself, which is why chiropractic is part of ongoing preventative care for better health.

How It Works

Surprisingly, many health problems are caused by spinal misalignments, also known as subluxations. When the spine is misaligned, the nerves within it can face disruption and damage. This can lead to miscommunications between the brain and other parts of the body causing ill health.

Principled chiropractic care used by Dr. Andrés Juliá addresses these issues head-on. Our team gets to the root of your pain and illness, which is often located in the spine. Spinal disruptions can surface as disease or pain. This model used at Abundance Chiropractic fixes these misalignments and disruptions. This allows your body to function as it should, resulting in a healthier and longer life.


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