Torque Release Technique in Pinellas Park

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With research continuing daily, these chiropractic techniques keep getting better and more precise. The science behind these revolutionary techniques offers a unique approach to pain management and wellness. This allows qualified and trained chiropractors to give the most effective and efficient care possible. The two common techniques used at Abundance Chiropractic in Pinellas Park include the Torque Release Technique and the Webster Technique.

Understanding Torque Release Technique in Pinellas Park

The Torque Release Technique, TRT, is proven to produce results, easing your pain and improving your health. Dr. Andrés Juliá has years of experience in TRT applications. The staff members at Abundance Chiropractic undergo regular training and education on the latest best practices for applying TRT. This ensures our approach is consistent with the latest science and technology.

TRT is a simple, gentle, and targeted chiropractic adjustment. It pinpoints your specific neurological imbalances, guiding the body toward better healing and recovery. At Abundance Chiropractic, our mission includes providing the highest level of care, which is why we rely on this technique.

How Torque Release Technique Works

TRT offers precision in its specific targeting ability. With the use of a special instrument, called an integrator, this technique is gentle, comfortable, non-invasive, and drug-free. This is why Dr. Andrés Juliá prefers this method at Abundance Chiropractic. This technique further helps realign the spinal column contributing to improved body-brain communication. When these pathways of communication are reopened, your body is able to function better.

Improving Your Spinal Health

Through the application of gentle pressure along with specific points of the spine, TRT generates impulses. These impulses gently glide your vertebrae back into their rightful position. When your spine is in the proper curvature, tension ceases throughout the muscles and nerves, encouraging healthy functioning of the entire body. In other words, TRT frees up the communication pathways of the brain and spine. This allows your brain to receive and send stronger signals, which contributes to improved healing. After all, your spinal health is the key to your whole-body health. By maintaining proper alignment, you ensure you remain free from pain, injury, or illness.

What Ages Can Benefit From TRT?

All ages can benefit from TRT. It’s safe for seniors, adults, children, and even newborns. Dr. Andrés Juliá encourages you to book your appointment and uncover how TRT can help you improve your health or the health of your family.

How Quickly Does It Work?

The speed at which the Torque Release Technique works depends on the individual. Some may find it works immediately, while others may require numerous adjustments before experiencing relief. Dr. Andrés Juliá advises using patience throughout the process. This technique encourages your body’s healing abilities. Yet, the time frame in which it does this depends on the seriousness of your impairment.


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