Your First Visit in Pinellas Park

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Feeling nervous about your first visit with a chiropractor? While nerves are absolutely normal, there are ways you can make your first-time visit with Dr. Andrés Juliá at Abundance Chiropractic in Pinellas Park as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Learn more by reading below.

Complete New Patient Forms

Before your first visit, complete your new patient forms. Access them by downloading the forms off our website or by completing them at our offices. You may choose to complete them right before your appointment. If you decide to do so, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill them out. This information offers insight into your health history enabling us to help you better.

Getting to Know Our Space in Pinellas Park

We want you to feel relaxed and right at home off the bat. When you arrive at our facilities for the first time, you’ll be given a tour. Our staff member will also detail the process of chiropractic care, the history of chiropractic care, and the approaches we use.

Your tour will include viewing the diagnostic imaging rooms, the adjustments rooms, and the restrooms. At this time, feel free to voice any questions you might have, whether that be about general chiropractic care or about Dr. Andrés Juliá and the techniques we use.

Initial Consultation

At the end of your tour, your initial consultation takes place. A healthcare professional will discuss your needs and you will also go over your concerns, symptoms, pain, and goals.

During your consultation, your new patient forms will be reviewed and discussed as well.

Initial Exam and Digital Imaging

After your consultation, a full physical exam is performed to examine your nervous system, muscles, and spine. Using the most advanced technology, we can view your nervous system function in high amounts of detail. During this time, diagnostic imaging may be necessary. Our diagnostic imaging services are performed in house and provide an even more detailed view of your skeletal system, helping us get to the root of your complaint.


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